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T-Shirt Quilt Cutting, Fusing, and Planning Class

Prerequisite: T-shirt Quilt Preparation class

The Cutting, Fusing, and Planning Process involves determining which parts of the t-shirt will become a quilt and which will not.  Cutting occurs first, then fusing, and then Planning.  T-shirt quilts are much heavier than cotton quilts so it is important to understand which stabilizer to use for your location (humid vs not-humid).  It is HIGHLY recommended to take the Prerequisite class in order to understand the different stabilizers available and to practice the process of applying stabilizers, protecting the ironing surface, and the iron.

Not all t-shirts are made the same.  Women’s shirts may have curves compared to men and children’s shirts which are straight up and down.  Because of these differences a great pair of sharp scissors should be used; Rotary cutting may cut off parts of the shirt that may be needed, like a small logo located in the corner or much needed fabric because logos are too close to the outer edges.

Class Fee $30, incl. instructions
Tuesday, June 28, 2022
Instructor: Linda Gentle

All class supplies purchased at My Sewing Barn
receive a 10% discount

Fusible interfacing prerequisite:

Based on the manufacturer’s fusible stabilizer label, you may need to wet all stabilizer then let “hang-dry” prior to class.

Since washed t-shirts do not shrink like cotton, the stabilizer may shrink and cause distortion because it has never been washed.

To be safe it is best to soak in a sink and then let it hang dry.

Items needed for the Cutting, Fusing, and Planning…
What you will need for the Cutting:
• Karen Kay Buckley 5” or 7” scissors or something comparable
• Rotary cutter and self healing rotary cutting mat
• T-shirts
• Large rotating cutting mat (at least 16” x 16” square)

What you will need for the Fusing:
• Fusible stabilizer-100% cotton, high quality, Pellon SF101 (recommended) or Pellon P44F or Staple 122 Woven Fusible or Staple 122 Woven Fusible
• Steam iron
• Firm pressing surface
• Protection cloth for the Firm pressing surface (use an old sheet or something comparable)
• Teflon pressing mat
• Washable pressing cloth

What you will need for the Planning:
• June Tailors T-Shirt Ruler (with 10 ½”, 12 ½”, and 15 ½” cutting guides on one ruler)
• Frixion fabric pen – narrow tip
• Sewline chalk pen with several different colors
• Mark-B-Gone Water soluble ink pen or disappearing dry ink pen