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Machine Basics 101 (beginner level)

Beginner Class
Wednesday, January 19
Class Fee: $15
Instructor: Linda Gentle

All class supplies (excluding sewing machines)
purchased at My Sewing Barn
receive a 10% discount

Are you interested in learning how to use a sewing machine, this is the class for you.
Bring your portable sewing machine along with the user manual.
Small bits of material
Sewing machine needle 80/12
Cotton thread 40 weight
Seating is limited.

What you will learn:

  • Parts of the sewing machine (power cord, foot pedal, and placement)
  • Powering up machine, what to look for and listen to
  • Bobbin (removing, winding, and replacing)
  • Threading machine, testing, and retrieving bobbin thread (upper vs lower)
  • Terminology (hand wheel, presser foot, feed dogs, take up bar, needle plate, seam allowance markings, throat, etc.)
  • Tension
  • Width vs length
  • Stitch patterns (straight, zigzag, button hole, decorative, etc.)
  • Sewing machine manual – this is your best friend
  • Various feet and how/when to use them
  • Maintenance
  • Needles
  • Fabric
  • Thread
  • Testing (using the reverse button, parts of the sewing foot, and standard length of stitches)
  • Various machine abilities (straight sewing, machine embroidery, automatic needle threader, up/down needle feature, automatic thread cutter, free-motion, etc.)