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My Rose Garden

Intermediate/Advance (BOM) Class
Class Fee: $5/year unless…
Third Monday of every month
Next date: June 20, 2022
Attend either 9:30 am or 6:30 pm session
Instructor: Linda Gentle/Marshalla Thompson

In this sample there are:
* 2 variations of pink – 1 dark and one light (the light is used for the first border)
* 3 variations of green – 1 dark, 1 medium, and 1 light (the medium is also used for one border and the dark is used for the outer border, backing, and binding)
* 1 variation of a fabric that reads “white”; it can have a minimal pattern or whatever you wish
* if the blocks are square the finished size is about 72″ x 72″ after borders and binding; each block is 10 1/2″ square

This will be a BOM (Block of the Month)
No sewing machines will be needed
Monthly instructions are provided along with a demonstration
Plus Question and Answer session

The Tri-Recs Tool will be used on this quilt and can be purchased at the shop

What to expect:
At January’s class you will receive a copy of the “General Instructions”; which will provide the information needed for making each of the block parts and are referenced by page number in each month’s instructions.

Since the Block for March is very similar to February and units from January, the March and April instructions will be distributed.  Both of the blocks will need to be completed and shown by April’s monthly meeting.

In May class you will receive the instructions for June Block and the “Log Cabin” blocks.  No need to bring in the Log Cabin blocks.

In June class you will receive the instructions for July Block; so everything will be moved up a month eliminating the need to meet in December.

Make sure to bring a writing utensil, notepad, and hard writing surface for taking notes.

Chairs will most likely be the only thing setup.

All class supplies purchased at My Sewing Barn
receive a 10% discount