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Humbug Bag

The Humbug Bag got its name from the traditional tetrahedral formed candy from as early as the 1820’s.
The pinched cylinders have a 90 degree turn between one end and the other (shaped like a pyramid with rounded edges).

Beginner Class
Wednesday, June 1
9:30 – 2:30
Class Fee $20 includes pattern
Instructor: Linda Gentle

The purpose of a Humbug Bag is to keep trinkets, makeup, marbles, crochet hooks, guitar cords/picks/wires, anything that is small and needs a safe place for carry from place to place.  They make great gifts, machine washable/dryable, easy to open and close, and unique.

What you will need:
2 fat quarters of same or different fabric or Pre-quilted fabric
1 fat quarter size of batting (wool or 80/20)
1 13″ zipper that matches the fabric
1 2 1/2″ x 13″ bias tape or 13″ satin length ribbon for bag handle
Sewing machine, foot control, power cord, and sewing accessories (pins, scissors, seam ripper, etc.)
Iron and pressing mat
Rotary cutter and cutting mat
1/4″ sewing foot, stitch in the ditch foot, open toe or clear foot, and zipper foot
Matching thread

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