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Pet Bandana

Beginner Class
Wednesday, February 2,
Class Fee $5 inc. pattern
Instructor: Linda Gentle

All class supplies purchased at My Sewing Barn
receive a 10% discount

Prep work prior to class:
1. Press fabric using sizing spray

What you will need:
• 1 Fat quarter
• Medium weight fusible stabilizer
• Matching thread
• Sewing machine, foot control, power cord, book, and sewing accessories (pins, scissors, seam ripper, etc.)
• Iron and pressing mat
• ¼” sewing foot
• Stitch in the ditch or open toe foot or clear foot
• Rulers, one long enough for cutting fat quarter and one with a 45 degree angle designation on it
• Tailors chalk or marking pen for fabric
• Turning tool or small crochet hook